What is the Clean Protocol?

The Clean Protocol™ is an independent international organisation providing data driven services to improve the credibility of sport.

  • Measurement by using the most useful methods of data collection and analysis.
  • Responsible recommendations to achieve the most credible sporting competition for the benefit of sports legitimate stakeholders.
  • No additional risk to athletes – the Clean Protocol™ does not sanction athletes.


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Clean Sport

The Clean Protocol™ benefits the legitimate stakeholders of sport:

clean athletes, passionate fans, sponsors fulfilling their social responsibilities, coaches, doctors, sports federations, Governments, event owners and anti-doping agencies.

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Supporting Clean Athletes

Clean sport should be identified, supported and rewarded. Clean athletes deserve credible sport.

The Clean Protocol™ uses the most useful data collection tools to responsibly report to sports organisations and make recommendations on the highest standards of clean sport.

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For more credible sport:

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