What is the Clean Protocol?

The Clean Protocol™ is a change program for clean sport and a worldwide certification for sportspeople competing clean and complying with the rules of their sport.


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Clean Sport

The Clean Protocol™ benefits the entire sporting ecosystem:

athletes, fans, sponsors, coaches, doctors, sports federations, Governments, event owners and anti-doping agencies.

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Supporting Clean Athletes

Clean athletes deserve to be recognised and supported!

The Clean Protocol™ certifies that an athlete is competing clean.

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I’m Pro-Clean. What next?

During beta launch professional and elite athletes may take the Clean Protocol™  by invitation only.Learn More
Just as clean athletes now wish to distinguish themselves in a positive way so do clean coaches, trainers, doctors, managers so that they can stand out from their peers who promote or are apathetic to doping.

Those who do a great job at preparing, educating and working with clean athletes need to also take a stand to help clean sport.Learn More

The Clean Protocol™ aims to de-risk sport for the sponsors.  It stands to reason that corporations who wish to improve their image by associating their brand with sports and athletes would not wish to suffer damage resulting from doping scandals, corruption or criminality.Learn More


The Clean Protocol has real potential for change in sport. I’m mandating it for all my athletes.
Alex Bok, TeamTBB Triathlon