The Sports Ecosystem Shrinks

The damage to the ecosystem of sport under doping and corruption means that sponsors, clean athletes, and fans become disillusioned and retreat from sport. Sport loses and the ecosystem of sport shrinks, this includes all of the personal, social and commercial aspects of sport.

A shrinking sports ecosystem removes incentives for sponsor involvement, affecting athlete opportunities and ultimately hurts all stakeholders from fans to athletes.

The real victims of doping are the clean athletes who are not seen but who get fed up and leave sport.  The Clean Protocol™ aims to support athletes who are credible and who want fairer sport, for the benefit of all sport.

Furthermore where cheating in sport is involved, it invites criminal elements to become involved in sport.  This is not acceptable for the health, growth and protection of sport.

Sports Ecosystem

Changing Public Perception

Fans don’t automatically believe performances are clean because you can’t easily see who are the clean athletes and who are the cheats.

It’s simply the case that ALL athletes profess to be clean, whether or not they actually are.

Time for Change and New Methods

Since the Armstrong scandal there has been a constant flow of sports corruption and doping scandals right at the heart of the biggest sports organisations even involving government organisations. The stakes are high so any change must be responsible.

Sports fans now realise that many of the doping scandals involve athletes who have never failed a drug test or received sanction due to a failed test.  They now realise that drug testing is a partial not a complete or even an effective solution.

Who can blame fans for asking the question what is real and what is not when they are watching modern sport?

Even amongst dopers they acknowledge there is a need for limits and so some effective method to determine credibility in sport could assist even the dirtiest of sports.

Solution: A Plan of Action

In order to avoid allegations of corruption and conflicts of interest, it stands to reason that an independent organisation is the most credible way to implement a new system of clean sport verification.

The Clean Protocol™ enables a clean athlete to take positive action themselves and demonstrate they are clean and encourage their entourage, their team, their training partners and peers to take a similar bold step in the direction of making a real positive difference to clean sport.  They do not have to speak out against anyone else, their action in taking the Clean Protocol™ should say everything that needs to be said.

The Clean Protocol™ can apply to anyone involved in sport and not just athletes. It uses the most effective techniques in credibility testing combined with data analysis to determine the likelihood of credibility.