There is much work to be done from taking the Clean Protocol™ from its initial concept and support phase to fully operational.

This cannot be done without the support of all stakeholders who share our vision for clean sport.  The global movement for clean sport requires many hands.

Athletes can contribute to clean sport by:

  • Registering as a Clean Protocol™ supporter.
  • Liking us on Facebook, and talking about us.
  • Following us on Twitter, and tweeting about the Clean Protocol™ to your followers.
  • Writing to your supporters online or by e-mail letting them know about why you have taken the biggest step in your career towards being 100% clean under the Clean Protocol™ inviting them to learn about what it means.
  • Enquire about becoming an Ambassador of the Clean Protocol™ for your sport.  Write to us with a brief plan as to how we can help you to get clean athletes in your sport involved.