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Become involved with the Clean Protocol™

We need champions of clean sport who share our vision to improve society by ensuring that clean athletes and clean sports receive the support they deserve.  There is much work to be done but there are so many ways you can assist including:

  • Take the Clean Protocol ™ and encourage your sports entourage to do the same
  • Help find or make sponsors aware of the clean sports movement
  • Help find Athletes, Coaches, Federations and keen anti-doping advocates in every sport at every level of the sport
  • Petition your sports federation, or government sports departments to embrace the Clean Protocol™
  • Help by being an influencer and communicator to spread the message and promote the Clean Protocol™ via social networks or media
  • Contact the Media to spread the message of hope for clean sport by using your public relations and communications skills

Help by being a Volunteer with special skills who can help:

  • with website and social media
  • with expertise in anti-doping, psycho-social sciences or deception detection technologies
  • with administration skills and database management

If you are a high profile athlete become an Ambassador for the Clean Protocol ™. Please contact us outlining how you think you can help.