Introducing The Clean Protocol™

The Clean Protocol™ is a system to support clean athletes and to promote social change toward clean sport.  It is the highest standard for athletes complying with the rules of their sport.

The Clean Protocol™ is a system designed by enthusiastic and like minded athletes, sports professionals and relevant experts to enable clean athletes to obtain and independent certification of their compliance with the rules.

In order to encourage compliance with the Clean Protocol™ a confidential 5 step  system will be used:



Action Required




 Clean Contract Executed

If under 18 by Parent or Guardian



 Full and Transparent Disclosure

Must have fully and honestly completed all data fields and must be up to date including Whoabouts (sports entourage)


Psychometric Profile

 Psychometric Tests completed satisfactorily (PEAS, MDS-S, DSS, SDS)

Must have completed online testing



 Deception Testing completed satisfactorily

Must complete Ocular Motor Deception Testing (OMDT)


Additional Measures

 Statutory Declaration or Statement  Under Penalty of Perjury

Supplementary measures are available to athletes for whom verification can not be completed by OMDT testing

Until final certification is achieved, all athlete data is stored securely in a de-identified format. This measure  protects athlete confidentiality through out the process.

The Clean Protocol™ Process

It is a system that has been designed to remove doubt that the athlete’s performance is clean without introducing risk to the athlete. It applies the highest standards and the latest technologies available to change sport for the better and support clean athletes.

The Clean Protocol involves entering the Clean Contract and complying with the following:

  1. Submitting to random deception testing and/or similar psychological assessments;
  2. Using best efforts to disclose and encourage their entire sporting entourage to comply with the Clean Protocol™ (the Whoabouts™ system); and
  3. Adhering to the highest standards of anti-doping as specified in the clean contract and WADA Code.