1. The Clean Protocol™ certification is a mark of distinction where clean Athletes are totally differentiated from others.  In this way it gives an easily recognisable clean brand that enhances and restores clean athlete’s reputation with media, fans and sponsors at a time when it is needed most.
  2. The World Clean Sports Organisation will assist to promote those who take the Clean Protocol™ as champions of clean sport.
  3. The Clean Protocol™ should be the catalyst towards a new culture of clean sport and invites clean athletes back into sport and gives hope to the next generation of athletes.
  4. Possible economic benefits should arise including less money going to doping and anti-doping which should mean more money for clean athletes and sport.
  5. Less invasive than the current anti-doping system which requires blood and urine tests and significant time commitments complying with the ADAMS Whereabouts system.
  6. It is a very fair and equal system that applies to everyone involved in sport including federations and doping bodies.
  7. Can also assist with a clean athletes biggest risks under the current doping rules if they have a missed test, false positive, inadvertent use, spikings as it can assist to defend their reputation by showing no intentional offence and may assist them with their defence based on “exceptional circumstances” under the WADA Code.
  8. The World Clean Sports Organisation will assist athletes with advocacy services to assist them against any unintentional doping positive.


A very important aspect of the Clean Protocol™ is the role of the sports public and sports supporters. Before the Clean Protocol™ it has been very difficult for the sports public to easily identify who is clean or otherwise.  The mode of action to start to clean up sport really comes from this grassroots level.  There is already a groundswell of support from fans for clean sport but the Clean Protocol™ enables fans to contribute constructively in influencing positive changes in their sport.

You can assist by showing your support for the Clean Protocol in several important ways:

  • show your support for Clean Protocol™ by visiting our facebook page at
  • support only Clean Protocol™ athletes and sports
  • start a petition or demand your favourite sports star or sports federation adopt the Clean Protocol™
  • support the sponsors who support the Clean Protocol™

Sponsors should consider requesting the Clean Protocol™ as a standard requirement for the athletes they sponsor to secure the benefits they desire without undue risk.

The Clean Protocol™ gives the opportunity for sponsors to access all of the positive attributes of sports sponsorship.  The Clean Protocol™ is an opportunity for sponsors to be associated with a simple, proactive, optimistic and innovative system which influences positive social action in all sports.

The Clean Protocol™ aims to highlight the clean and real aspects of sport and in that way reduces risk for sponsors.

It stands to reason that corporations who wish to improve their image by associating their brand with sports and athletes would not wish to suffer damage resulting from doping scandals, corruption or criminality.  Sports sponsors would therefore prefer to avoid those risks. That includes both government funding and private commercial funding.

Sponsors will be amongst the first to receive the benefits of the Clean Protocol™ which as a system delivers all of the benefits of clean sport with greatly reduced risk.

Decision makers allocating valuable resources to sport will now have a lower risk available for the first time.  The Clean Protocol™ will assist those decision makers to help find and fund clean sport and clean athletes.

Sports Entourage, Coaches, Doctors etc.

Just as clean athletes now wish to distinguish themselves in a positive way so do clean coaches, trainers, doctors, managers so that they can stand out from their peers who promote or are apathetic to doping.

Those who do a great job at preparing, educating and working with clean athletes need to also take a stand to help clean sport.

The Clean Protocol™ is a mark of distinction for those who conduct their profession according to the highest ethical standards.  Those professionals should be applauded and deserve your support.

Sports Federations

Federations have a “duty of care” to parents and young athletes that is not currently being discharged under the WADA testing regime. In fact WADA is reporting a “trickle down effect” whereby doping is occurring down at school boy and collegiate levels. There have been several schoolboy doping scandals in Australia and South Africa.  In an American study it was found that students first use of steroids was before the age of 14.

Sports federations must take positive steps to address their duty of care or face the consequences of their inaction.  Governments should not fund or support those sports that do not comply.

The Clean Protocol™  is a comprehensive solution for federations to take positive steps in the right direction and to avoid the problem that talented athletes, sponsors and fans of their sports look elsewhere for a clean sporting environment. Sports federations are the guardians of their sports reputation and they should expect their members to request them to support the Clean Protocol™ initiative.  The best way sports federations can do this is for each of their office holders from the top down to take the Clean Protocol™ as a commitment to clean sport.

In addition the Clean Protocol™  has several other benefits for sports federations:

  1. Significantly reduces risk by avoiding doping scandals and reputational damage to their sport .
  2. Federations have limited resources to spend on lengthy legal proceedings relating to doping, the use of the Clean Protocol by a Federation could reduce those costs.
  3. To seek funding from government, private and public sources they need to demonstrate what they are doing about cleaning their sport.
Event Owners

Event owners and rights holders for sporting events have a direct commercial interest in clean sport.  The alternatives have been explored and the latent risk of doping or corruption scandals are considered universally intolerable. Even if the perception of doping in sport can be managed by tightly controlled sporting events we have seen that doping scandals can explode through external events that cannot be controlled and could not have been predicted.  This is an unacceptable risk.  The reputational damage to sports which for the first time in history have no winners cannot be underestimated.  What sports sponsor would like to associate their brand with a temporary hero that awaits a spectacular fall from grace?

Event organisers could easily mandate the Clean Protocol™ to attract sponsors and the best clean athletes to their event and to distinguish themselves from other events.  The Clean Protocol™ could be used to ensure their podium is clean to avoid change after the event and avoid damage to their event’s reputation.

German sports television networks made a decision not to broadcast the Tour de France as a result of too many doping scandals. It is easy to see how event owners can benefit by hosting clean sporting events where an independent body is responsible for administering the most advanced clean sport system, the Clean Protocol™.

Anti-doping Agencies

Even the existing anti-doping agencies can benefit from the Clean Protocol™ as it:

  1. Focuses scarce resources for targeted testing and provides an alternative non-analytical approach to the fight against doping
  2. Helps with the false negative problem as it should provide cost savings and less drawn out legal proceedings for those agencies
  3. May assist with shortening timeframe from test time to sanction
  4. May assist sanctioning process for more equitable outcomes
  5. May detect use of substances or methods which cannot be tested for or are difficult to detect