No Risk for Clean Athletes

The Clean Protocol™ system is designed to be no greater risk for athletes than the existing sanctions in the WADA Code. As well as the loss of the right to use the Clean Protocol™ trademark an athlete who fails the Clean Protocol™ system will remain subject to WADA sanctions.

The Clean Protocol™ has been designed so that there is no reason why a clean athlete would not take the Clean Protocol™.

There are significant benefits and no greater detriment to athletes under the Clean Protocol™ system of certification.

A fresh approach to clean sport

WADA’s mission is to enforce the WADA Code and catch drug cheats (intentional or otherwise). The purpose of the Clean Protocol™ is to verify, support and promote clean athletes and clean sports.

There is much work to be done to improve the reputation of clean athletes and clean sport.  It is hoped that the mark of the Clean Protocol™ becomes recognised as the highest standard of clean sport for the benefit of all.

Latest Technology Available

The Clean Protocol™ applies the highest anti-doping standards across all disciplines and applies the latest available testing technologies. The technology behind the Clean Protocol™ will screen out those athletes and their entourage who are not 100% clean which means no use of banned performance enhancing substances (non-recreational) or methods.

The system is complex and has been designed in consultation with experts so that the most effective technology is applied to the process to ensure the certification is the highest standard available.

Less Invasive

It is less invasive than the current anti-doping system. There is no removal of bodily substances such as blood or urine for analytical testing.

The average time expected for tests are 30 minutes maximum and can be done in business hours or fit around Athletes training schedules or events. There is not a significant amount of time required by the athlete to comply with the Clean Protocol™.

Transparency and Commitment

The Clean Protocol™ applies the highest standards of transparency requiring disclosure of important sports related information including the sports entourage of the sportsperson and publication of blood profiles for certain sports such as endurance based sports.

The Whoabouts™ system is aimed at targeting the sports network of the sportsperson and applying transparency. This removes temptation and creates a sports environment conducive to clean sport.

Changing Current Behaviour

The Clean Protocol™ hopes to influence real change for clean sport and for this reason it is not retrospective but aims for changing behaviour and ongoing compliance. Past enforcement of doping breaches remains with WADA and other anti-doping authorities. However there may be a waiting period for those athletes previously convicted of a doping offence where they may still receive some residual benefit from their prior doping activities.

Fair and Equitable for All

It is fair because it puts all of the sports hierarchy under the same scrutiny as athletes. It is equally as onerous on coaches, doctors, team managers and sports federations.

The current anti-doping system has been ineffective at targeting all participants in doping and corruption. It overcomes the current problem that benefits are shared with the entourage and others but athletes have all of the downside risk by:

  • Requiring up to date disclosure of entourage – Whoabouts™ eg. Coach, training partners, trainers, doctors, agents.
  • Encouraging those in their entourage to also comply with the Clean Protocol™.

The Clean Protocol™ promotes clean sport across every level of sport eg. Sports federations and anti-doping agencies and from professionals and elites to amateur, masters and age groupers.  Because it applies to all levels of sport it will assist junior and youth sport to be clean for the benefit of tomorrow’s clean sport champions.

Constructive and Non-Disruptive

It does not seek to replace any existing sports organisation but instead compliments and supplements existing anti-doping rules and co-operates with anti-doping bodies to achieve their objectives. By working with existing Anti-Doping bodies – It is pro-clean not anti-doping. There may be benefits by working with the existing anti-doping bodies to reduce the overall economic burden of doping on sport. The Clean Protocol™ will be administered independently of all sporting bodies and for this reason can be a true “watchdog” for all sports bodies.  Dick Pound’s report issued in May of 2013 confirms the need to overcome the human and political problems that plague the current anti-doping structure.